Mama June announces family member's death

Apr 03, 2018
10:45 P.M.
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The reality star shared a tragic news saying that somebody from the family had passed away.


Mama June Shannon posted a live video on social media revealing that her family is currently suffering from a tragic loss.

Pop Culture revealed that she told her fans that her niece, Amber’s grandmother, Meemaw, had passed away.

She shared the sad news while she shared updates to her fans about the filming of Mama June: From Not to Hot.

Amber is Mama June’s sister, Doe Doe’s daughter, which makes Amber her niece. She has appeared in a few episodes on the show and also had an appearance in a teaser video for the second season.


Mama June clarified that Meemaw is not her grandmother but Amber’s. Although she said that there isn’t much of a difference because she had always been Meemaw to everyone. She added that her real grandmother had passed on years ago.

She said, “It doesn't make any difference, but it has always been Meemaw to me, always been Meemaw to everybody. Nobody knew her by her real name. So just make sure you keep the family, Amber, and my nephew Andrew, Doe Doe, and the Jackson family in y'all's prayers."

Mama June went on to explain that she hadn’t been really close to Meemaw as much as she used to but she said that Amber’s grandmother was a “great person.”


She went on to say to the fans that the family is asking for privacy as they try to cope with the loss.

The sad news about Meemaw’s passing fell around the same time as Mama June celebrates the first anniversary of her intensive weight loss.

In March 2017, she surprised the world by flaunting her slim figure in a red dress during the show’s season one finale.

Her show is set to return on television in June 2018.