Only one of Amy Roloff's daughters is out of 'Little People, Big World'. Here's the reason why

Apr 04, 2018
08:31 P.M.
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While three Roloff's of the new generations have no issues welcoming cameras into their life, the daughter's exclusion is mystifying. 


As reported in an article published by In Touch Weekly, Zach and Jeremy's younger siblings Molly and Jacob will be missing from the new season of TLC's Little People Big World.

The show will be focusing largely on Amy and Matt's life after their divorce and would include entire plots based on Zach and Jeremy's married lives and introduction to parenthood.

Jacob is currently working on filming his own web-series and keeps himself busy with vlogging. 

Although Jacob had opened up about his decision to stay away from the reality series, Molly's exclusion has been some sort of a mystery.


One reason for Molly's absence from the hit series could be attributed to the fact that she is married and leads a different life with her own family.

Molly's husband, Joel Silvius, proposed to her a few days before the Christmas of 2016 and tied the heartthrobs tied the knot in September 2017.

Based on the social media activity, it was clear that the entire family was happy for the couple's decision to start a new life together.

24-year-old Molly studied accounting in Spokane, WA, and decided to settle with her husband in the same area. Spoken is not close to her family's farm in Oregon. She still manages to make a few appearances on the show.


On the other hand, Jacob prefers to be a self-made celebrity and is focused to make his mark through his own creations. He confessed that he believes working freely without any restrictions.

21-year-old Jacob compared filming for a network to be similar to living in a polluted city and considers working on his own similar to living in the countryside.

He prefers to not be known as Jacob from Little People, Big World but wants an create an identity for himself through his own projects.