Stephen Hawking's kids haven't followed dad's footsteps. Their lives turned out very differently

Apr 04, 2018
10:01 P.M.
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Even though embarked on different career paths, they have fond memories of their father.


An article published by Fabiosa reported on the life of the children of the mastermind physicist Stephen Hawking, who tragically passed away last month.

Apart from a whole range of scientific research and discoveries, Hawking left behind three children, Timothy, Robert, and Lucy.

Although none of the three siblings took after their father and his passion for science, they have established notable careers for themselves in fields of their own choosing.

The eldest among the trio is Robert Hawking. 50-year-old Robert is a computer engineer and works for the pioneer of the industry, Microsoft.


When he was a young, he provided a lot of support to his mother Jane and helped in taking care of his father, who refused to stop working despite his physical disability.

Over the years, Robert got married and is the proud father of two children.


The second in line is Hawking’s only daughter, Lucy. Lucy is a writer of fiction and has worked with her father on one of her books.

The 47-year-old teamed up with Hawking to compile a story titled George’s Secret Key To The Universe. The book was a fantasy novel about the exhilarating journey of a young boy in our solar system.

Lucy’s only son is 20-year-old William, who suffers from autism. Her son’s illness inspired her to contribute to the Autism Research Trust.


The youngest of Hawking’s children is 37-year-old, Timothy. He picked marketing as his niche and works as a specialist at the Lego company.

When Timothy was born, Hawking had completely lost his spoken voice and had mastered the use of a digital voice to convey his thoughts.


Speaking about his father, Timothy had previously admitted that it was challenging to understand him initially. However, as time went by, he and his father grew close.


Timothy also confessed to messing with his father’s work for fun as a child. He shared that he would manipulate his father’s system to insert curse words as a prank.

While the physicist’s memorial service was flooded with people who respected him and his work, his three children attended to bid their final adieu to their beloved father.