Shereé Whitfield drops bombshell as she spills alleged cruel behavior of 'RHOA' cast to Kim Zolciak

Apr 05, 2018
08:10 A.M.
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- AmoMama just learned from Bossip how Shereé Whitfield of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ came out unusually strong while discussing a co-star’s alleged victimization.


- Speaking of the recent ‘RHOA’ reunion, she came to the defence of her friend, Kim Zolciak who to her suffered the meanness of their teammies.

- While the matter has successfully divided fans over who is right or wrong, she still loves her friend for a reason.


Whether you think Kim Zolciak leads a pack of losing lionesses on the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ den or not, one fact remains.

She can bring on the drama from wherever on or off the show, or else, who could go scot-free for dragging Kandi Burruss?!

Ask again, who could reset the fad after a social disaster by buying her daughter a gun for her 21st birthday?


You know who that is, and whether you hate ‘duck lip’ or not, she’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Fine, she’s the madhouse’s most hated, yet loved for that by someone else; a favour, please! Don’t ask who that is when you hear her name.

Allow us to introduce Shereé Whitfield: The one with an ex-con boyfriend called Tyrone Gilliam, and yes, there’s more.

Add that this 48-year-old is the one with a $400k house fans say she can’t afford; proof is how she built it for 20 years!


Don’t let them hear you say losers are always best friends when you hear she’s an ally with her RHOA troublemaker, Kim Zolciak.

Try not to get annoyed either, at her defence of the same woman from the newest episode of the most infamous American reality house of commotion.

Kim Zolciak appears in a hot episode and would be faced with the nasty task of withstanding the ravenous pack that comes for her.

The already incensed RHOA stars, led by vengeful Kandi, drag their nemesis, infamously tagged ‘duck lip’ for coming out to charge at them.


Kandi’s ally, Shereé, is not having any of it, even before Kim comes out herself, at the event meant to be a happy reunion.

She would later commend her friend for her sweatless exploit of holding off the ‘bullies’ whose acts she also grossly condemns.

The only questions certain fans are asking if how truly influential she is so much as to be heard by the RHOA world.

Do you really think Kim’s bullying was the other stars’ faults, or do you think she deserved it?

Source: Bossip