10 things sold at any Dollar Store that could put your life in danger

Apr 05, 2018
08:58 A.M.
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Research revealed one more reason to not totally trust the items purchased at cheaper, dollar stores.


A recent study conducted on several dollar stores revealed that several items purchased in these stores can be harmful to human health and lives.

According to All Cute All The Time, the study was done at stores like Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and 99 Cents Only. Although these stores provide great savings, they might not be that great to human health.

The source further informed that many of these items contained harmful toxic chemicals that can lead to major infections, which may further result in deaths in the worst-case scenario.

Such harmful chemical was basically contained in plastic items. The research results showed that 81% of the items researched had at least one toxic chemical, and 49% had at least two or more toxic chemicals.


Similarly, 32% of the vinyl items that were tested revealed positive results for deadly acid. Other ten items that were discovered to have contained dangerous chemicals for humans are:

1. Plastic Cooking and Baking Utensils

2. Rubber Duckies (Set of 3)

3. Batteries

4. Baby Bottle

5. Bath Accessories

6. Jewelry (Clip-on jewelry included)

7. Dolls


8. Electronic Accessories

9. Garden Knee Pad

10. Tub and Floor Mats


So, as revealed by the research, there are more than one items that can prove dangerous and, at times, lethal, for human beings.

Often people tend to mistrust cheaply available goods at such stores, but now there is an even better, research-proven reason, to do so.

The source further advised anyone buying items from such stores to properly read the label of each of these items before making a purchase.

To avoid exposing oneself to such harmful chemicals, and to keep one's family and the loved ones safe, the source advised everyone to remain careful while shopping at these dollar stores.