Migrations agent asked Mexican man why he wasn't speaking English. His answer was so unusual

Pedro Marrero
Apr 06, 2018
03:00 P.M.
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The unusual answer this American-born man of Mexican origins gave to a border patrol officer while entering the U.S. for a family trip turned him into a viral phenomenon.


An American citizen with Mexican origins captured on video the moment when a U.S. border patrol officer asked him why he wasn’t speaking English, as reported by Telemundo.

Many immigrants who only seek for a better life in a foreign country have had to go through humiliating treatment from immigration agents from the country immigrants want to enter.

That’s the case for many Mexican immigrants who desire to live in the United States to work hard for a better future for their families, and also for any of them that cross the border for a short visit or mere tourism.

But now, according to information from Mexican TV network Telemundo, a video that has been circulating in social media is going viral because of the particular response of a man of Mexican origins to immigration agents.


The short clip uploaded to Youtube captures the moment when a border patrol officer questioned the man of Mexican origin for choosing not speaking English despite having being born in the U.S.

The driver answered all the questions the officer made him, explaining that he was going to San Antonio, Texas, with his family, to get to know the area in a trip of leisure.


Then, the officer asked the unknown man if he was an American citizen. The entire dialogue was spoken in Spanish.

‘We are all American citizens,’ the man said in Spanish, holding the camera to keep the officer within the frame while recording the conversation.

Curious, the officer went on and asked the driver: ‘Why aren’t you speaking English?’  The video has been subtitled and anyone can activate the subtitles by clicking ‘CC,’ selecting the language of your preference.

The defying answer of this man made many Spanish speakers proud. ‘Because I don’t feel like it, that’s all,’ said the man, to what the officer couldn’t help but smile before authorizing the family to continue their trip.

The video was originally uploaded on a Facebook account named El Zorro y su Pandilla  (The Fox and his Gang) and it has reached over 2 million reproductions and it has been shared by more than 45.000 internet users.