Girl is afraid to stay at home so her dad installs a camera. Video makes him understand her fear

Pedro Marrero
Apr 06, 2018
10:53 A.M.
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The images captured by the surveillance cameras installed by the concerned father of a scared young girl are really terrifying and baffling. It is hard to believe that such things really happen.


The daughter of this man was really afraid of staying alone at the family home. Worried about this situation, and wanting to know more about it, the father decided to install video cameras in several spots of the house to figure out why his daughter was feeling that way.

According to Debate, the little girl constantly complained about things that frightened her in the house. Her father really tried to understand what was happening to her, but he could never quite find out what the girl was struggling with before checking the recordings.

The cameras were set at various key points to make sure that nothing that happened inside the house could go unnoticed. The results were so shocking that he immediately took to social media to share the strange occurrences. 


The first images show the young girl playing with a doll. In the background, there is another doll that appears to be watching her. In fact, one can see how she turned her head. It sure looks like something out of a horror film. Think Paranormal Activity.

In another moment, the girl is drawing in her room by herself on a table. Suddenly, the sheets of paper she is using start to move without explanation, as well as the other objects on the table. Finally, it’s the table itself what moved, making the girl run away terrified.

Those who have seen the footage have been left in shock and in search for a feasible explanation about what is going on in that family’s house. But the father is certain now about what has been troubling his child.