Dad of 3 girls waiting for arrival of 4th baby. He pops a balloon, and begins to jump for joy

Apr 06, 2018
12:24 A.M.
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Expecting a new baby is always exciting. One of the best parts of the pregnancy is the big gender reveal. 


One family decided they wanted to make a big deal out of finding out about their new baby’s gender.

Liftable shared the viral video and the family’s reaction was just priceless.

The family consisted of the parents and their three young daughters.

It was evident that they were anticipating a baby boy.


The five of them were all dressed in white and they stood in front of a blank wall.

The oldest daughter was holding the string to a large black balloon filled with helium and either pink or blue powder.

The pink powder will indicate that it’s a girl and the blue one if it’s a boy.

The father was the one chosen to pop the balloon. As he popped it, he saw that a shower of blue powder fell to the ground, his reaction was sweet and priceless.

He began jumping up and down because of too much happiness and excitement.


The three daughters followed suit and happily jumped up and down as well. They were clearly excited to have a new baby brother.

The husband ran towards his wife and enveloped him in a tight and loving embrace.

Overwhelmed with emotion, the wife started to cry.

The man also picked up his daughters and happily swung them around.

Everyone looked so happy and excited for the soon-to-be family of six.

The video of the gender reveal was posted on the page of Pregnancy Corner on Facebook. It became an instant hit, receiving 26 million views.

A lot of the social media users commented on how adorable the reaction of the family was towards finding out the gender of their newest addition.

Some viewers also shared their personal experience with their own gender reveal celebrations.