Toddler finds out he will have a little sister. We bet you cannot predict the boy's reaction

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 06, 2018
10:29 A.M.
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The Internet is filled with videos of people revealing to their friends, family members, and children the gender of their upcoming babies.


Most of them show the positive reaction of everyone involved as the simple fact of welcoming a new life to the world is special. A few videos – especially the ones showing toddlers – go viral in no time.

Inspire More reported that one of them has garnered many viewers. It is the one Joel and Courtney Parlour of Seattle, Washington, uploaded recently. Both parents knew that they would welcome a baby girl but their son, Brinton, didn’t have a clue.

He knew he was going to become a big brother already and, like most boys, he wanted to have a baby brother to play with.


It didn’t stop the couple from thinking a fun way to share the news with him, so they bought a black balloon and filled it with pink confetti. The family got together and Brinton was very excited when he saw the mysterious balloon Joel was holding.

While Courtney was recording everything, Joel explained Brinton that the color that would come out of the balloon would tell him if it is a boy or a girl.


Brinton himself, with his father’s help, popped it and, as soon as he realized the pink color, he said ‘Oh no!’ while walking backward slowly. Even though he didn’t seem too excited about having a baby sister, things changed.

When Adalyn was born, his love for her emerged and their parents have recorded the most important moments of it, including the first time the siblings met.

Brinton sat down on the hospital bed and Courtney placed the baby on his lip. His face showed how excited he was and he even kissed her and wanted to take her with him everywhere he went.

It is clear that the relationship whose two will have will keep growing strong and their parents will be there to support them in every possible way.