Mariah Carey reportedly refuses to help sister who suffers from poverty and is nearly homeless

Apr 06, 2018
11:04 A.M.
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Reports are that singer Mariah Carey doesn’t want to offer a hand of help to her sibling who lives in penury.


AmoMama shares with you details of Mariah Carey’s estranged sister who accuses her famous sister of neglecting her in poverty from a post by Inquistr on April 4, 2018.


Mariah Carey might be one of the most loved women in the world at the moment but her estranged sister Alison isn’t of the same opinion.

Alison recently came out in an interview revealing that her famous wealthy sister abandoned her in her current health and financial issues.

Alison stated that she’s living in poverty as she worries about what to eat on a daily basis and her sister doesn’t seem to give a care in the world about her situation.


Alison who is HIV positive and has battled drug addiction recounted when she was attacked by an intruder in 2016 and was left with injuries that she had to be in the hospital for weeks. Things got worse when the landlord threw her things out of the place leaving her homeless.

All through this hard period, Alison revealed that Mariah and the rest of her family showed her no care.

Like that wasn’t enough hardship, Alison had to undergo spine surgery and remove most of her teeth and buy false teeth of $3,900 and still, Mariah did nothing to help her not even help out with groceries.


She accused her singer sister of spending a whopping $40,000 a month on her Beverly Hills mansion but not being able to cater for her sister’s basic needs.

She explained that she felt so hurt about the matter because when Mariah and her mother were about to be homeless, she willingly let go of all the money in her account so that they could have a home.

And now that Mariah is living lavishly she hasn’t even tried to be of help to her.

Despite the accusations from Alison, Mariah’s representatives deny all the allegations stating Mariah has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Alison and her children.


No one really knows who’s telling the truth!