Older lady got pulled over for speeding. When stopped, she confessed to having a corpse in the trunk

Apr 09, 2018
12:47 A.M.
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Despite having the looks of a docile person, this lady was smart enough to get herself out of a tricky situation.


An elderly lady was pulled over by a traffic cop for speeding. He expected that this session with the speeding driver would be a regular conversation that would go by the book. However, he was in for a surprise.

When she was pulled over for speeding, the officer told her why she was stopped. The lady was calm but adamant and denied any wrongdoing.

The officer then followed his protocol and asked for the woman's license and registration. The lady explained that she lost her license four years ago when she was drunk driving.

The officer started getting uncomfortable. The lady added that she did not have her registration papers either as she did not own the car.


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The police officer almost started panicking when the woman made a horrific revelation. She said that she stole the car, murdered the owner and hacked up his body.

The officer, whose shock levels had risen beyond belief, froze on the spot. The woman looked calmer than before and said that he should check the back of the car's trunk to see the body parts wrapped in plastic.


The cop backed away from her car ever so slowly and called for backup via his radio. Five police cars circled the woman's car within minutes.

A senior officer approached the woman's car with one hand on his gun. He asked the woman to step out of the car. The woman obliged and donned a look of confusion on her face.

She asked the senior officer if there was any problem. The officer replied that his team member reported to him that she had stolen the car of the person she murdered.

The lady looked shocked when the senior officer uttered those words. The officer asked her to open the trunk of her car. She obliged and the trunk was empty.


Surprised, the officer asked for her registration papers and the lady presented them instantly. The officer explained to her that his team member reported to him that she did not have a driving license.

The lady frantically fetched her purse and presented her license. The senior officer was perplexed by the situation and confessed to the woman that one of his officers tipped him that she stole the car, killed the owner and drove without a license.

The woman swiftly replied, "Bet the liar told you I was speeding, too."