Father breaks door of a shopping center bathroom, finds stranger with his 3-year-old daughter

Apr 09, 2018
06:56 P.M.
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For all the parents out there, this is another reminder that you can never be too safe with these things, and that it only takes an instant.


According to Trome, recently in Gamarra, in La Victoria, in Peru, an angry crowd almost kills an alleged rapist after he was tracked down by a girl's father.

The same outlet explained that several witnesses were present when the 28-year-old suspect took the girl away from her father.

Just a second of distraction was enough in the overcrowded mall in Gamarra for that man to take the minor with him. Every parent's worst nightmare.

The girl was immediately reported missing by her parents, who work as street vendors in their hometown, to the authorities.


After filing a complaint, the girl's father, while accompanied by several people who were around, started checking every corner of the building.

Eventually, they found what they were looking for. In one of the second-floor restrooms, the girl's father knocked down one of the cubicle's door, bringing it down and discovering his daughter.


The suspect, Néstor Cóndor Castro, a 28-year-old Peruvian man, was locked with the girl inside of the tiny cubicle in that restroom.

After being found, the aggressor had to endure several punches and kicks from the girl's father and every other witness that was around and helped to find her.


The situation got really serious, to the point that mall authorities and police officers had to intercede in order to keep Cóndor Castor alive. He was then arrested and taken to the Apolo commissary, where he's facing charges of minor abuse.

The girl was immediately rushed to a hospital nearby, where she was tested to check if the aggressor actually abused her sexually. The girl's family is asking authorities for the maximum punishment possible.