The random pains in our bodies are actually not so random. There's a reason behind it

Apr 10, 2018
03:16 A.M.
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The random pains you’re feeling may mean that your body is telling you something.


These pains that you feel might just appear for a minute or for a full day, then you’ll discover that they will disappear the next day. It will make you think that everything’s okay, only to find the pain seeping back again a couple of days later.

Although this may not concern you, things might become serious. It’s better for you to be prepared than feel sorry later.

Shared revealed a number of random pains and the reason behind them.

1. Bottom Of Your Foot

If the pain is centered at the arch of your foot, it is likely caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is a flat band of tissue.


When people get older, more and more weight is being placed on the bottom of the feet. This makes the tissue turn more rigid and less flexible.

The solution is to massage and stretch the feet on a daily basis. It will stretch out the tissue. If the pain becomes too intense, it’s fine to take some Advil to ease the inflammation.

2. Knee Buckling

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The researchers for Arthritis Care and Research suggested that knee-buckling may be caused by increased muscle weakness and difficulty in balancing.

3. Behind The Ear

Usually, the pain behind the ear means that a person has a migraine, a pinched nerve, or has an inflammation of the lymph node.

Although, if the pain keeps on coming back, it is highly advisable to go ahead and consult your doctor.

The pain behind the ear could mean that a person has an infection, a vascular disorder, or blood clot.

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4. Sharp Pain In Your Head

While the sharp pain could easily just be a form of a migraine, if it happens too frequently, you are advised to go see a doctor at once.

5. Cramp

An underlying condition could easily be the reason for the cramps in various parts of the body, such as the legs.

You may lack potassium, calcium, or magnesium. Another reason for leg cramps is poor circulation.

6. Sharp Stomach Pain

If a sharp, shooting pain appears and disappears a couple of times a day, it could mean that you have an ulcer or another serious kind of stomach problem.


7. Sudden Heart Pain

While sudden chest pains would make people think that they had developed a heart condition, it could also mean other things.

Feeling pain in the heart could have a connection with your stomach. It’s crucial for you to make sure that you tell your doctor everything so he or she could get to the bottom of things.

8. Aching Leg(s)

A peripheral vascular disease could be the reason for your aching legs. It is typically caused by diabetes, blood clots, injury, or infection.

9. Sudden Back Pain


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Sudden back pains that come and go every other day could mean that you have a herniated disc, sciatic nerve pain, or a kidney stone.

10. Irritated Throat

Having an irritated throat could mean that you are allergic to a certain type of food or that you are consuming too much sugar. It means that the acidic content is accumulating in your throat, which causes inflammation and throat irritation. ​​