Khloé Kardashian breaks the silence amid rumors that she’s in labor

Apr 11, 2018
11:26 P.M.
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She clarified that she is not tensed about giving birth.


While fans and followers are excited about Khloé Kardashian having her first baby, there have been reports that suggested that the celebrity might have already gone into labor.

Kardashian decided to open about her state of mind in a blog post, which made it clear that her baby was yet to arrive.

As reported by Allure, the mother-to-be also explained that she does not have any nervousness or fear about delivering her child.

In Kardashian’s view, getting frantic about giving birth was not going to help her feel ready for delivery. She wrote that although this was going to be her first delivery, the procedure is not new to her.


The 33-year-old model revealed that she had witnessed 8 babies being delivered in the past, and shared her belief that women’s ability to facilitate the birth of a child was designed in their very anatomy.

Kardashian added that delivering a baby is a natural event, and it does not worry her deeply. She also revealed that she was checking all the boxes when it came to preparing for a smooth delivery.

This included keeping reading helpful apps on a daily basis and clarifying any questions or doubts with her doctor.

Yet, all these steps do not mean that she is not slightly nervous about her big day. However, the expectant mother emphasized that she is not in a frenzy about something as common as giving birth.


The blog post, published earlier this week on her official website, put all the rumors about her being in early labor to rest.

Earlier reports from sources like TMZ also suggested that Kardashian’s OBGYN had taken a flight to Cleveland, Kardashian’s hometown, which was taken as a hint that Kardashian may be in labor.

The excited mother-to-be also shared a recent pregnancy update on social media, and her outfit did not look like a hospital gown.