Shortly after a cheating scandal, Khloe's ex is reportedly about to enter her life again

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 12, 2018
11:32 A.M.
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No matter how mature people are, forgiving someone after they were unfaithful is one of the most difficult things to do in a relationship.


Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson know it firsthand. Many rumors have been surrounding their relationship after a couple of videos showing him kissing a strange woman and then taking her to his hotel room were released.

According to Pop Culture, the news reached Lamar Odom, who was in a long-time relationship with Kardashian in the past, but they had to call it quits due to his irresponsible conduct.

Odom, a 38-year-old former NBA star, became a drug addict while he was with Kardashian and cheated on her, as well, multiple times. Right before the couple got divorced after eight years together, he nearly overdosed in a brothel in Nevada.


In 2013, after Kardashian helped Odom with his substance problems, she officially filed for divorce. He has given her credit for all she did to get his life back on track and, knowing that Thompson allegedly cheated on her, he might have seen the perfect chance to get back in her life.

He considers he is in a better place personally as his addiction problems are not an issue anymore. The same source added that he realized he was not the best person for her when they were together.


The only reason he has not contacted her yet is that he doesn’t want to ‘shake things up’ even more as the best thing for her to do would be solving things with Thompson and getting ready for the childbirth.

She is eight months pregnant already and the baby girl is expected to be born in Cleveland. Apart from that, Odom doesn’t have Kardashian’s phone number, and even though he could call Kris Jenner, he doesn’t want to intrude at the moment.

Jenner might not be willing to help Odom get back with her daughter, though. After the ‘hell’ she had to go through, her entire family didn’t want her to date more NBA stars or any other athlete.

Kardashian clearly didn’t pay attention and she ended up dating – and getting pregnant – a young and hot star who plays in one of the most important teams in the NBA.