Woman was nervously waiting for her 18-week ultrasound. But doctor destroyed her dreams

Apr 13, 2018
09:32 A.M.
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She went in hoping she would hear some exciting news about her baby but returned disheartened.


Bored Daddy reported that Katie Whiddon was hoping that she would have a girl while waiting for her 18-week ultrasound.

For a new mother, one of the most exciting times is when it is time to find out the sex of the baby. She already imagines the color of the baby’s room and plans what toys and clothes to buy for the little one.

Katie Whiddon had similar dreams as she waited nervously for her ultrasound. When the ultrasound tech left the room in a hurry, she thought maybe it was hard to tell the sex of the baby properly.

The tech returned with a doctor and Whiddon felt a sort of reassurance. The new mother was feeling absolutely positive and did not suspect that there could be any problem at all.


However, the doctor had some bad news for her, “Things aren’t good. Things are really bad…”


Whiddon was told that she was having a son, but the problem was that the child did not have any legs and had only the upper arms.

She had considered many other options but had never given a thought to such a possibility. She could not believe that her precious baby would never walk or ride a bike, or even be able to hold hands.

She decided she would go in for an abortion as the thought of her son spending the rest of his life in hardships and suffering saddened her. She was devastated, she cried and prayed for peace.


Whiddon also spoke to her mother and her sister because she knew she needed to know if she was really doing the right thing. Deep down she knew she had to keep her baby and found out that night that there were others who had been praying for her.

Things were going to be incredibly difficult for her especially because she was a single mother. Fortunately, her family completely understood her decision and was very supportive. They even encouraged her to move home so they could be a bigger part of her life.

Now, three years later, her son, Camden, was doing well for himself. A video of him and his little brother garnered over 60,000 likes on Facebook.


The video has her younger son being calmed down by his big brother as he gives him his pacifier. The mother is extremely proud of her sons and cannot believe how they look after each other.

Whiddon knows that people may look at her son and sympathize, ‘but when he gets comfortable in his surroundings and starts doing things on his own, everyone always gathers around to watch!’

The mother is grateful that she actually made the right decision and gave her son life. She has some advice to people. She wrote, ‘Don’t underestimate someone just because of the cover they were born in.’