Coco Austin flaunts her curvaceous body while rocking a figure-hugging red and white ensemble

Apr 13, 2018
03:22 P.M.
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Coco Austin nailed it in a spectacular outfit recently and guess who accompanied her to the Nordstrom New York City opening? Her beautiful family!


AmoMama shares exquisite details with you on Coco who recently gave social media a racing heartbeat with her amazing outfit to an event, as reported by Daily Mail on April 11, 2018.


Coco Austin was seen at an event with her family and she definitely turned all heads.

She was recently spotted at an event wearing a simple but very stylish outfit while carrying her baby and walking side by side with her husband.

Coco Austin sure knows how to look good when she wants to, and the model really rocked her outfit for the event in New York City.

She was spotted with her very cute and stylish baby daughter, Chanel who is just two years old, gracing the entrance to the event.

The pictures taken were rather cute, and Coco had a pop on her face as her make-up endowed her with such glamour and beauty.


Coco was not alone, as the fashionista was accompanied by her very cute hubby known as Ice-T for the event.

It seemed like a family night out and it was beautiful to watch.

Coco appeared in a sweater-like white top with red roses printed on it, and it also had a red bow at the neck to beautify it.

She did not stop there as she wore a red above the knee skirt and she looked stunning in the outfit.

Chanel was carried by Coco into the event, so not much could be seen of her outfit, but she had on a crème colored sweatshirt with pants to match.


The lad held onto her mom and refused to let out a smile but Coco graced the presence of many fans by letting out a big smile from her lips.

Ice T was the man in black at the event and it seemed to suit and complement his wife's outfit.

He had on a black jacket and black pants to match. His eyes, however, were graced with black sunglasses as he walked with his wife.

Coco Austin and Ice-T stood for long shots as the paparazzi showered them with lights.

The family no doubt looked cute together and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful evening for them all.