'Coast to Coast' beloved radio host Art Bell has died at 72

Apr 16, 2018
12:21 P.M.
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Coast to Coast was syndicated on numerous radio stations and was popular because of Bell's distinct voice.


As reported in an article published by USA Today, radio host Art Bell, who was best known for a nightly show based on a paranormal theme, Coast to Coast, in the 1990s, died at his residence in Pahrump, southern Nevada, on Friday.

Bell died at the age of 72 and as reported by Sharon Wehrly, the Sherrif of Nye County, an autopsy will be conducted to find the cause of Bell's death.

Bell performed as a host of Coast to Coast AM before he decided to leave the airwaves and retired in 2002. He had broadcasted his show from his radio station KNYE in Pahrump.


Coast to Coast was a unique radio show that focused on Bell and his fascinating conspiracy theories that indulged in the paranormal and inexplicable phenomena. 

A few topics that were discussed with a great deal of passion on the show by Bell included sightings of UFOs and decoding the crop circles.

Bell was very passionate about his stream and served as a producer, engineer and host to his own show, as documented in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Bell made quite an impact with his radio skills and had fans across different professions and classes. He also had a few celebrities, for instance, William Shatner and Josh Groban as his fans who took to social media to praise him.


Singer Groban recalled how he stayed up late at night to listen to Bell's unique voice. He also mentioned the format of the show that had many weird plots and spooky content.

Bell's former partner, Alan Corbeth, had praised Bell for his masterful skill to create the theater of the mind during his induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2008.

Bell made his mark on the listeners by featuring in over 500 radio stations across the nation. Bell retired more than once and also had a short stint on SiriusXM satellite radio in the year 2013.