Toddler doesn't want to get married, as he sobbingly tells his mom. It's so funny

Apr 16, 2018
07:32 P.M.
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This little boy has already decided that there's a big step in his life that he just can't face taking. 


He has decided, at the ripe old age of 3, that he doesn't want to get married, and the video footage of him making this declaration is too funny. 

As reported by The Epoch Times, the little boy can be seen sobbing on a dining chair declaring that he doesn't want to have to get married. 

Tying the knot is usually a happy occasion. A couple has waited a long time to be able to get married, they have saved for many months to afford their dream wedding, and have survived all the fights over planning. 

For most couples this is the best and most exciting time of their lives, and they can't wait for the future together. 


Yet more and more people today are shunning the institution of marriage, deciding they don't believe in it and can have a happy and healthy relationship with the ring. 

This little boy seems to be making that decision fairly early! 

While he sits in the chair, his mom asks why he's so upset, and he explains that he doesn't want to get married. 


When she tries to explain to him that he's only 3 and won't be getting married for a good many years, this doesn't seem to calm him, and he next tells her that he'll miss her too much. 

Again, his mother reiterates that it'll be a long time before he gets married because he's only three, but it still doesn't soothe him. 

Next he demonstrates just why he's too young to be getting married, as he can't even pronounce the word "wife" properly, still saying "yife."

He has also decided that he would rather his mother be his "yife," much to her amusement. She then tries to explain to him that she can't be his wife, as she is his mother, and he proclaims that he'd like for her to be both! 

Instead, she tries again to soothe him in the knowledge that he will find a lovely girl one day, just like she and his father found one another.