Remember the iconic book 'Love You Forever'?. But there is a sad story behind the story

Apr 17, 2018
06:01 P.M.
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The book has become an emotional piece for both parents and their children, but few know the story behind it. 


Love You Forever by Robert Munsch is a book that many people have grown up with. It's a classic children's book that many parents have used to lull their little ones to sleep at night. 

But the story behind it is even more heartbreaking than the poem itself, reported Simple Most. Munsch actually wrote the poem to help him grieve the loss of his own two children. 

Munsch's wife had delivered two stillborn babies in quick succession, and the losses of these two little ones was too much for him to bear. The only way he was able to cope was by repeating these few lines to himself. 

Initially, there was no book, just the lines “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as you’re living, my baby you’ll be.” Munsch even kept these words secret from his wife, using them as his way of crying. 


After some time, a story began to emerge from the words, and Munsch put pen to paper, finally writing the beloved children's story. 

The story follows a baby boy whose mother watches him grow older and become a father himself. As he does, she grows old and frail, and her son starts to take care of her as their roles reverse. 

It's a wonderful tribute to the two children that Munsch and his wife lost, and the emotion of the words carries through to its readers. 


Many parents have admitted on social media that reading the book to their little ones gets them all choked up too. 

It is a book that has managed to bring peace to many grieving parents and even children, and is one that some even opt to read at funerals or bury with their parents. 

There is no doubt that the book is so touching because it came from an honest place of grief and loss.