First Lady was criticized for her 'strange pink and yellow outfit' while attending a Memorial

Apr 19, 2018
04:37 A.M.
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The First Lady’s outfit was brutally criticized by a writer following her public appearance where she attended a memorial.


Melania Trump previously attended the Opioid Memorial at the President’s Park. After the event, a writer from Express slammed President Donald Trump’s wife for her ensemble calling it “so off-beat.”

The writer, Francesca Specter, pointed out that Melania’s outfit was clashing because she opted for the colors yellow and pink.

Photos of the First Lady surfaced on social media, specifically on Instagram. She can be seen observing and appreciating the tribute for the families who have lost their loved ones to the unforgiving epidemic.

Melania was dawning a pink coat, draping it over her shoulders. Specter suggested that the way she wore the coat left the sleeves ‘to flap as she walked.’


In the past, Melania has been heavily criticized for the way she wore her coats. On many occasions, she is seen to be fond of draping her coat over her shoulder instead of actually wearing them.

Perhaps there have been a few instances where she actually wore her coat. One of those moments was during the lighting of the big Christmas tree in December 2017. She was fashioning a red coat at the time.

For her skirt, the First Lady chose to wear a long, yellow one. Specter did not let the opportunity pass and claimed that the skirt “clashed” with the pink coat.


The Express writer went on to criticize the yellow suede pumps Melania wore which were from So Kate 120 Christian Louboutin.

By the end of the article, Spencer concluded that Melania ‘might as well have been dressing badly on purpose.’

She also associated the pink and yellow outfit to BBC’s fictional character, Mr. Blobby.

Despite how Spencer slammed Melania for her ensemble during the memorial, most of the public was more focused on the event itself.

The First Lady reportedly received compliments for being present at the memorial.