The Bee Gees star's daughter is all grown up and looks so much like her legendary dad

Apr 25, 2018
05:55 P.M.
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Despite being hounded for years by the media to speak about her father, she has remained silent on the topic until now. 


Peta Weber, the only daughter of the youngest member of the Bee Gees, Andy Gibb, has finally spoken out about her relationship with her famous father and how his fame turned her life upside down. 

As reported by, Weber agreed to a reunion with her cousins to record an album together in 2017, and it was that experience that gave her the courage to talk about her experiences. 

To the rest of the world, Andy Gibb was a superstar. But to Weber, he was just a voice on the other end of the phone that she never got to know well enough. 

Weber's mother had married Andy while the couple lived in Australia. But around the same time, his brothers were hitting the big time in America, and the call soon came for him to join them. 


The couple packed up their lives and moves to the US, but a year later, when they found out they would be joined soon by a baby, the cracks in their relationship were already starting to show. 

Andy had gotten too caught up in the rock star lifestyle, and was drinking to excess, partying every night, and had even picked up a drug addiction on the way. 


Weber's mother gave her husband an ultimatum, telling him he had to choose between the partying and her, and he couldn't kick the habit. Things got ugly, and Weber's mother moved back to Australia. 

As a result, Weber grew up far away from her father and the celebrity lifestyle he lived in the States. She knew that she had a father, but she didn't actually know him. It wasn't until she was older she realized he was famous. 

“I remember mum calling me into a room once, pointing at Solid Gold on the TV and saying, ‘That’s your dad,’" Weber explained. 

Rather than clarifying things, this only confused Weber further, as she couldn't reconcile the image on the screen with the man on the phone. 


As she got older, she started facing bullying and abuse because of who her father was, particularly when she ended up on the cover of a sleazy tabloid magazine.

 While things were difficult, Weber always wished she could have a better relationship with her father, and that she would at some point get the opportunity to get to know him. 

Weber was just 10 when the news broke that her father had died. She had been preparing for a swimming carnival the next day when her mother received the phone call, and everything descended into chaos. 

She was still taken to the swimming carnival, but she and her family headed straight to the airport from there. When they tried to leave the carnival, the press were camped outside waiting for them, and they were hounded at the airport. 


Weber was told that she should keep her head down, and ignore it if anyone called her name. Sadly, the newfound media attention on her brought back the bullying from the children back home. 

While she got through it, Weber has never been comfortable with the entire public knowing that part of her life, and always shies away from questions of her father and her uncles. 

She also avoids answering any questions by the media, particularly when her uncles Maurice and Robin died as well. 

After the death of her father, Weber still saw her uncles from time to time when they toured to Australia. In 2016, she was contacted by one of her cousins, Maurice's daughter, Sam, to put together a reunion. 


Talking on the phone to her cousin about creating a collection of their dads' cover songs, Weber realized she had others out there who understood her difficult childhood exactly, and it finally gave her the courage to speak out. 

Weber, Sam, and three other cousins, Barry’s son Stephen, Maurice’s son Adam, and Robin’s son Spencer have collaborated to create an album. Weber also sings a solo of one of her father's solo songs on the album. 

Joining in on this project gave Weber not only a connection with her father that she never had while he was alive, but has also given her the opportunity to build a relationship with her cousins.