Remember the 80's 'Jazzercise' videos? Let's reminisce about how wonderful it was

Apr 20, 2018
12:04 A.M.
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This workout trend created a great craze among the people back in the 80's. Here's a look back at the famous exercise routine.


Jazzercise videos were really popular in the 1980's. Today, they are more of an ancient 'relic,' but they always crack us up when we look back on how amazing they were.

According to Rare, YouTube user RetroFever has discovered an exercise tape, dating back to 1982, by Jazzercise pioneer Judi Sheppard Misset. He collected the hilarious moments of the tape together to make an amazing video.

The source informed that Misset was one of the founding figures of the Jazzercise movement, who incepted it almost a decade prior to its popularity spread all across the globe.

Her song involves lyrics that invite everyone to 'shake' their body and join the workout. There is a phrase that says, 'This hips sugar, come on and shake that cute little booty of yours!'


Joking about the lyrics, the online source suggested how it was easy to see from the lyrics why the Jazzercise craze died off as quickly as it had peaked.

In Jazzercise's official website, it has been claimed that they created the 'original dance party workout.' The website also claims that they still exist because of their program 'works.'


It further claims that Jazzercise is a form of exercise that gets your 'pulse-pounding' and 'beat-pumping' and it is a fitness program that delivers quick results for certain.

Jazzercise is also described as a high-intensity dance party number that combines the crucial benefits one receives from cardio, strength, Pilates, hip-hop, yoga, and kickboxing.

By doing Jazzercise on a daily basis, people can burn up to 800 calories per hour by taking one the 60 minute classes that they are still providing.

The website also stated that they are still evolving themselves as well as transforming the bodies and lives of the people, even 45 years after their inception.