Old сottage was abandoned for the last 9 years. Now a stranger goes inside, finds it untouched

Apr 23, 2018
03:29 A.M.
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This is what was found in the mysterious old home.


According to an article published by Do You Remember, the interiors of an old unoccupied house in Hertfordshire were finally explored and captured in intriguing photographs.

The neighbors only knew a few things about the house that stood out among others in the lane.

There were stories that an old lady lived there until someone moved her to a different facility. It was rumored that the unknown woman was a spinster all along, and had not been seen for over a decade.

The house remained a mystery, as nobody had walked in to observe the inside of the structure. That changed when a traveling photographer decided to go into the house and came back with intriguing images.


Photographer Toby Batchelor was fascinated by the deserted house and how little was known about it. He decided to act upon his curiosity and became the first person to get inside the abandoned building.

Batchelor took a tour of the entire house and clicked several pictures. One of the pictures showed that there was a calendar in the house from the year 1956.

The king-size bed in the home was tattered but made up, with the sheets spread out and a yellow quilt placed over it. The condition of the bed indicated that it was unused for several years.

Strangely, there were multiple gooseberry jars in the house. Many other household items were found, including an old book, a piano, and many rusted appliances, which offered an insight into the lives of the people who once lived there.


For instance, Batchelor’s photos reveal an old-fashioned oven that belonged to a different era. Batchelor also found a vintage women’s bicycle parked inside a room and a bunch of family pictures.

There were also multiple wooden chairs, an old broken dresser, and the floor was covered in dust and ruins. The wallpaper in the bedroom had faded and had come off the wall.

Batchelor shared that in his niche of photography that focuses on urban exploration, the Crooked Cottage turned out to be a great project.