Man, 28, saves baby nephew from foster care. 6 months later America is left in tears by his song

Apr 20, 2018
06:35 A.M.
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- Everyone was moved by the story of this selfless 28-year-old man from Compton, California when he took center stage on 'American Idol' audition round.


- As beautifully captivating as his voice is, his story has touched the hearts of many people around the world who watched and listened to his life's fascinatingly colorful music inspiring everyone's watching.

- Marcio Donaldson is an epitome of a real man as he saved and took his sister's baby from foster care, and now, his kindness resonates, and he is definitely winning.


As sad as it may sound, drugs have brought people into the lowest places, and sometimes children have to suffer the consequences.

It's tragic to learn how the little ones have to go through what the adults created, and it's more devastating to learn that no one from the family would like to take the responsibility to save them.

However, Marcio Donaldson is different as he took the responsibility and saved his nephew, who he now calls son, from being brought to the foster care as previously shared also by 'newsner.'

The picture above has resounded a million times from his 'AI' audition that reached more than 2 million views on 'YouTube.'


Now, 'American Idol' finalist auditioned for the reality singing competition show way back on March 19, a few weeks back.

In his audition, he brought along with him his 6-month-old nephew and a heartwrenching but heartwarming story that moved millions of people throughout the world. 

His life's music brought him winning.


The Compton native shared the most intimate and heartbreaking life story, and it wasn't easy. 

It's something that most of us wouldn't like to imagine, but despite the challenges he went through growing up, it didn't change the smile on his face nor the kindness of his heart. 

Marcio along with her mother and sister lived in an area, which he described as, with harsh conditions.

They lived in a cockroaches-infested dwelling, and nevertheless, he gave credit to his mother for trying her best to keep them together.

However, they still ended up in foster care, as he narrated during his 'American Idol' audition.  


Marcio Donaldson made use of his natural talent and love for music to change the course of his life.

However, his life has another turned as his sister was pregnant with her child but she couldn't take care of the baby.

She's in an appalling state as Marcio shared and eventually revealed that drugs played a huge part of his sister's troubled life.

He continued to share he was told that he only had 10 minutes to make a decision about his nephew's future.

'They came to me, they told me I only had 10 minutes to decide or he goes into the system.'


The 'American Idol' finalist further narrated that when he was told such news, he looked down to his baby nephew, and then, made a life-changing decision. 


He took care of him as his own son.

'I took that responsibility on because I didn’t want him growing up the same way I grew up. I want to do this for him.'

In just 10 minutes, he immediately became a single dad and that moment significantly changed his life forever.

'I had no idea what I was doing, but actually he’s a real gift. And it was the right decision, I know. He’s changed my life.


A few days ago, Marcio shared this adorable father and son video clip above and penned down a sweet message as he and his son anticipate for their birth dates. 

'Our birthday is coming up mines is April 27 Rashad is the 28th been singing to you for a whole year almost......thanks for listening(emojis) gift #son #gift #life #sing #familytime'


Marcio's selflessness brought him to greater heights as he's winning and running for the 'American Idol' title.

He's included in the top 14 of the reality singing competition show.

His duet with Allen Stone was impeccably impressive that he got a place at the top 14. 

More than ever, the Compton native is winning more hearts online. 

One fan said,

'THIS guy is going places as I think the audience would agree.'

A 2nd viewer added,



Another fan added,

'No doubt Marcio is going through'

As AmoMama earlier reported, Marcio Donaldson is completely winning with more than 2 million views on his audition, and we would love to see him go to places with his kind-hearted spirit.

Isn't he phenomenal?

Source: newsner, American Idol