Woman wins $1.25 million in a 7-year-old case after being 'pimped out' by cop when she was 13

Apr 20, 2018
09:25 P.M.
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She was sold and abused as a 13-year-old young girl. Years later, she finally gets the settlement that will help her put her life back to normalcy.


A woman identified only by her initials H.H. received $1.25 million settlement money for the disastrous suffering she endured after being 'sold' by a former NYPD detective, Wayne Taylor.

According to Daily News, H.H. had been fighting the case for 7 long years, in which she even claimed that police authorities could have saved her from her worst ordeals had they acted sooner to handle Taylor.

Reports suggested that Taylor had multiple complaints of violations as well as misuse of authority going against him. He was also alleged of having physical relationships with prostitutes.

The victim, who was 13 years of age when she was 'pimped' out by the former police, reached the settlement of her Brooklyn federal lawsuit the previous month. Some paperwork is still in the process of being finalized.


Taylor pleaded guilty in the case. He was also found the subject of 25 complaints during his time in the Narcotics Division. Of those complaints, he was cleared for three cases but the rest of the complaints were still pending.

Following the discovery, Judge Nina Gershon declared that if right actions were taken against Taylor's complains, he would not "have felt empowered" to force H.H. into prostitution.

The source also informed that the victim, who was a former ballet dancer, was first 'pimped out' after being invited to dance at a party for money. She was invited by a relative of Zelika Brown, who claims to be Taylor's wife.


The relative then sold her to Brown, and Taylor threatened her against retaliating. He allegedly told her that he would put her out on the street and arrest her for prostitution if she did not comply.

According to the court papers, Taylor and Brown then later sold the young girl to another pimp, who abused her and further forced her into prostitution. She was then sold to yet another pimp, who finally released her.

In her 20's now, H.H. is living in Long Island and is trying to find a normal life for herself. She even goes to work and school.