Little girl sings for Carrie Underwood and takes over the stage

Apr 20, 2018
10:19 P.M.
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She looked docile at first, but soon took over the stage and mesmerized the crowd.


As reported by Country Music Family, an 11-year-old girl, Genesis Nava, who was invited by Carrie Underwood to sing on stage with her during one of her tours in September 2013, stole the show by singing Underwood's hit song Good Girl.

Nava was in the audience and held a sign that read 'Can I sing with you?.' Underwood noticed the sign and could not help but call her little fan on stage.

As a pep talk, Underwood asked Genesis her name and age. She asked her which one of her songs would she be able to sing.

Genesis swiftly answered, "Good Girl." The crowd applauded Genesis' simplicity and straightforwardness. 


The band members started with the drums so that both Underwood and Nava got into the groove as they waited for their cue. Underwood began with the chorus of the song to make Nava feel at ease.

Underwood clearly believed that Nava would want to sing the song together with her. But Nava sang the second part of the line and stunned Underwood and the crowd alike with her powerful voice.

Underwood straight away handed over her mic to Nava as the little girl started blending into the mood of the song. Nava turned her 'performer' mode on in just a few seconds and started singing like a pro.

The country singer enjoyed little Nava's performance and looked like one of the audience members herself. She was swaying to the beats and the melody of the song like any other fangirl present at the event.


Nava looked comfortable throughout her performance an hit the high noted to perfection as well. At one point, the band members stopped playing the music and gave Nava the opportunity to perform an acapella.

The little girl did not seem intimidated by focusing all the attention on her and performed the piece effortlessly as the crowd cheered on.

11-year-old Nava was previously seen on America's Got Talent. She had won the hearts of the judges on the show with Underwood's hit song.

A local commissioner arranged for front row seats to the country singer's show after watching her performance on America's Got Talent. Soon Nava's dream to be on the same stage as her icon came true.