Everyone who will attend Harry and Meghan's wedding must know a number of important rules

Apr 21, 2018
12:38 A.M.
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For those lucky few attending the soon-approaching Royal Wedding, there are a few rules to consider.


Rachel Hauck, the royal romance expert discussed some important rules that every guest attending the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must take into consideration.

According to Closer Weekly, estimated 600 people have been invited to one of the most anticipated weddings of the recent times, and the lucky guests who have made it into the list of attendees must remember certain etiquettes.

One of the first rules that should be heeded by the guests in the royal wedding is to be on time. The source informed that the guests are expected to arrive 20 minutes before time.


Showing up late only increases the chances of creating embarrassing situations such as stepping around the approaching bride to ask other people if any seat is available.

Another rule during the wedding is not to attempt to take selfies with the royal couple. Jumping in front of the bride as she walks down the aisle or popping up behind the couple just for the sake of an 'Instagram moment' is highly discouraged.


Guests are also requested not to forget their etiquette while dealing with the members of the royal family. Unlike during the wedding of a commoner, one cannot simply walk up to the Queen and give them a warm hug - no matter how well intended it might be.


Another warning that the online source delivered is not to go around requesting the members of the royal family for a wedding dance. Kicking off your shoes and asking Harry and Markle, especially, to join on the dance floor might not be considered polite.

Last, but not the least, Hauck requested everyone to act classy during the wedding. After all, it is a royal ceremony and everyone should show proper manners as befitting the Royal Family.