Rebbie Jackson's son has become a handsome grown-up man. He has his mom's charming smile

Apr 22, 2018
12:52 P.M.
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- The Jackson family has been in the spotlight for a long time, starting with the Jackson Five and continuing with Michael and Janet, the talent that runs in the family is undeniable.


- Rebbie Jackson, the eldest of nine siblings, also gave it a try in the music industry, but in the end, she retired in order to raise her three kids from her marriage to Nathaniel Brown.


AmoMama learned from I Love Old School Music that Rebbie’s kids are all grown up now, and her youngest son, Austin Brown, has decided to follow the family steps and he’s also a musician.

Austin is now a handsome 32-years-old songwriter, singer, and producer that has that distinctive high pitched tone of the Jackson family and that makes music influenced by some of the greatest like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Curtis Mayfield.


Brown is the only one of Rebbie’s and Nathaniel’s kids who pursued a career in music, since his older sisters chose a life out of the spotlight and one of them even has her own family now; however, Austin’s mom was not so on board with the idea of the boy getting in the industry.

Rebbie refused to let Austin do anything in the music business until he became 18, and once he reached that age, he went full force into making songs and putting his abilities to good use.


In 2005, he was signed to Interscope Records and later South Five Records, but he started his career as a songwriter and producers, working with some renowned songwriters and producers like Tim & Bob, The Underdogs, Cory Rooney, Q-Tip, Pharrell Williams.

Six years later, Austin debuted his first mixtape called ‘Highway 85,’ and released his first single ‘All I Need’ on KIIS-FM; in 2012, his first music video for the single ‘Menage A Trois’ was released on VEVO and it was played on Italy, Japan, Netherlands, and UK Radio.


He toured around some cities and made performances at some festival and awards until the mixtape was officially released on iTunes in 2013, and at the time, he gained a lot of exposure, which also earned him some jobs as a model for fashion magazines.

In 2016, he debuted his Guitar & Microphone series to sold-out audiences in Europe and he also started to dictate seminars in the Berklee College of Music and Boston Arts Academy on Songwriting.


His most recent EP ‘Canyon Sessions,’ was released in October last year and the music video for his last single ‘Smile,’ has been getting a lot of good critics from his fans and the general public.

Austin sure has grown up to become a handsome and kind man, as he’s also heavily involved with many non-profit organizations following his family’s example.

We’re glad that Rebbie’s son is doing so great these days and is proving, once again, that the Jackson family is full of talent.

Have you ever hears Austin Brown’s music?

Source: I Love Old School Music, Instagram