Girl upset whan granddad gives her an AAA card. But his second gift changes her attitude

Apr 27, 2018
08:26 P.M.
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A grandfather wanted to make life a little easier for his granddaughter.


Inspire More reported that the girl who rides to college every day received an incredible birthday present.

Sometimes the entire family joins together to make life easier for one of their members. This is one such family who pooled in the resources showing love and support for their young one.

An incredibly sweet video has gone viral in which a grandmother surprises his granddaughter with a special gift.

The girl rides a bicycle to and from her college every day for her classes. The travel is hard for the student who braves all kinds of weather to complete her courses. 


Though she has to ride for several miles, she never complains about her ordeal.

The girl’s grandmother planned to give her a very helpful gift. She decided to gather some family members for the generous gift – a used car.


However, the grandparents decided that they want to have a little fun with her.

They hand her the gift and ask her to open it in front of everyone. The girl protests saying she was an adult.

As the camera continues to roll, she reads from the card, “This is a two-part gift.” Intrigued she opens to find an AAA roadside assistance card.

By now she is suspicious and asks if the assistance card was for her bicycle. Her grandfather and grandmother nod their heads earnestly. 

She thanks them for the ‘thoughtful’ gift but it is evident that she finds the gift strange.


It is then she finds another gift in the box. She is shocked when she sees a set of car keys.

Her grandmother tells her quietly that the AAA membership is for the car which was parked right outside the house.

The girl breaks down even as the family members cannot help but tear up. It was indeed a special moment for the family.

The grandmother then brings her out to the yard to show her new ride. The girl is also told that the family got the car outfitted. They had gotten it inspected, changed the oil, and put new tires on it.