Mom wakes up at night hearing a man's voice. Then she realizes the voice is from the baby monitor

Apr 23, 2018
01:15 P.M.
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Heather and Adam Schreck had the most intense night when someone hacked the baby's monitor camera. Adam had to take charge and unplug the device.


According to Independent, this Ohio couple was woken up by the sound of a stranger's voice in their ten-month-old daughter's bedroom.

Heather and Adam Schreck were both asleep around midnight in her Hebron, Cincinnati, home when a voice scared her, as it was coming from daughters bedroom.

Although she was still disoriented and confused, Heather managed to pick up her cell phone to check the camera in little Emma's room.

According to Goodfullness, the woman was horrified when she noticed the camera was moving while someone was screaming in the bedroom. His husband immediately ran to Emma's room.


"About the time I saw it moving, I also heard a voice again start screaming at my daughter. He was screaming, ‘Wake up baby. Wake up, baby.' Then just screaming at her trying to wake her up," she explained.

When Adam got there, the camera immediately turned from his also scared and confused daughter to point directly at him.


According to Fox 19, the camera started screaming at Adam, even saying some obscenities to him. He quickly unplugged the device.

This could be the first time they get hacked this way, but according to Dave Hatter, a solutions expert for Infinity Partners, it's a really easy and common procedure.

"Any kind of Internet-connected device essentially could be subjected to this," the tech expert said, who also claimed that hackers could get more sensitive information using these methods.

"More sophisticated hackers know they can use this as a launching off point to get into your network and potentially steal your ID or use your network to launch malicious attacks against someone else," Hatter finally said.