Resigned to the fact that her life would end, a woman recorded her last moments on her cellphone

Apr 23, 2018
01:18 P.M.
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Brandon and Savannah Boerjan were driving when a tornado got too close to their car. The woman managed to film the nightmare-like situation.


This Arkansas couple is crediting their seat belts for saving their lives after they faced a tornado on a highway on Friday, April 13.

According to Debate, the Boerjans were driving home after purchasing a brand-new camper van when they saw the tornado touch the ground.

According to ABC 11, the couple continued to drive down the road but the tornado was growing fast and getting closer to them in the process.

Savannah was able to pull out her phone and capture the moment they were thrown off the road by the gigantic tornado.


The woman can be heard saying obscenities, claiming that she was scared while encouraging her partner to drive faster, to lose the tornado.

"It's right there, oh my God. Dear God, heaven please forgive me for my sins. Brandon, we're going to die. I love you, I love yo....," Savannah yelled before it hit their car.


The tornado hit them roughly before the video cut, cracking their windshield and blowing debris inside while turning the whole car over.

According to Daily Mail, the woman wrote on Facebook that they initially thought they were safe until they passed the hill and were able to see it.

'There was no stopping, no reversing, no going back. We had a 31+ foot camper attached and the tornado pulled us up from behind,' she wrote.

The couple also shared photos of the accident, which turned their vehicle turned upside down. Their camper was completely destroyed in the process.