Prince William reveals one of his favorite foods. It's not what we expected to hear

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 23, 2018
10:01 A.M.
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There are many details about Prince William’s personal life that the public knows already. His favorite fast-food chain is not part of it, though.


While people know that he and his brother, Prince Harry, like to go out and enjoy living a life as normal as possible, they thought that they were very strict with the food they eat.

According to All Cute All the Time, most people used to think that they always have dinner inside the huge palace sitting on a big table while eating the highest quality dishes prepared to each person’s liking.

After William revealed that he liked something completely different, people’s minds changed. He was at the Next Generation Impact Entrepreneurs Forum talking about different topics with the audience.


During the event, he shared his favorite fast-food restaurant: Nando’s. It is a Mozambique-Portuguese-inspired fast-food chain originated in South Africa.

It was founded in 1987 and has more than 1,000 outlets in 30 countries. They specialize in preparing chicken dishes with different piri-piri marinades.


William shared more details about it, pointing out that he was introduced to the food brand by one of his protection officers. He added that he fell in love with it with the first bite he gave it.

Nando’s owner, Dick Enthoven, was also present at the forum and William couldn’t help but talk about his love for the dishes the company prepares.


William told Enthoven that his protection officer was Nando’s biggest fan as he introduced it to him and that it was very good. Enthoven later revealed that he wasn’t surprised by the fact that William had eaten in one of his restaurants.

‘The beauty of Prince Harry and Prince William is that they’re really accessible and they are guys that go out a lot. I’m very happy that they’ve tried it.’

Dick Enthoven, All Cute All the Time, April 18, 2018.