Couple's newborn dies at hospital. 2 months later, nurse informs them about an 'abandoned baby'

Apr 23, 2018
06:35 P.M.
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A couple from Nashville, Tennessee, was devastated when they lost their newborn just 132 days after of his birth.


AWM reported that Katie and Josh Butler had longed to start a family of their own but their dreams being parents came crashing down. 

One of the most difficult things for parents is to lose their child. The couple experienced the pain soon after they were told that Katie was carrying.

The couple, who had begun planning their future with a baby, received an unexpected news just 20 weeks into the pregnancy.

During an ultrasound, the technician noticed that their child was not growing as expected. Doctors were called in and they had a whole list of diagnoses. However, they were unable to pinpoint exactly what it was.


The couple had to make a visit to the hospital every week as the doctors had to monitor the baby.


Finally, Dewey was born and the doctors were prepared to treat him right away. He was taken to the NICU at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville.

The baby spent several weeks in the facility and had to be fitted with a feeding tube when he was only 132 days old. While undergoing a routine surgery, little Dewey passed away as his heart wasn’t strong enough to survive the procedure.

Katie and Josh were devastated by the death of their child. Katie said, “I felt so guilty for thinking of this but there was also a sense of relief, he was finally healed and I know I’ll see him again.”


The young couple then experienced a miracle. A nurse called to tell them that they had a baby on the fifth floor of the hospital who was in need of parents. The boy, named Brax, had been prematurely born at 27 weeks and was 11 months old then.

He had a chronic respiratory failure, pulmonary hypertension, and was trach vent dependent. He had never left the hospital, but, he had a chance of improving with age.

Katie said that she had been praying for another baby. She had experienced what it was to be a mother. The couple adopted Brax without another thought. 


They thanked God for leading them to the little boy who was in need. Strangely, they were in their darkest hour too and needed support.

The couple revealed that little Brax’s health started to improve once he was brought home. Though he still needed oxygen, his movement and feeding were improved. 

The little one recognizes his parents and smiles at them. The family too has taken to him.