Woman thought she was having twins. But doctors announced she broke a historical record

Apr 23, 2018
07:22 P.M.
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A Czech Republic-based woman got pregnant and thought she was having twins. It came as a surprise to her and her partner that she was actually expecting five babies.


23-year-old Alexandra Kinova and Antonin Kroscen were already parents to one child. They were both happy when they learned she was pregnant with twin babies.

The couple each had a history of having twins in their families which is why, according to Liftable, they were very excited to follow through with the tradition.

Initially, they Kinova and Kroscen were surprised when the doctors told them they were going to have four babies, but a month later, the ultrasound showed that there was a fifth one.

Kinova shared that she cried when she saw a fifth head during that ultrasound.


Finding out the sex of each baby was impossible since two of them were hidden from the ultrasound. Nonetheless, the couple was just happy to be blessed with quintuplets.

Soon enough, the day of giving birth came. Over 40 people consisting of doctors and midwives were present in the delivery room.

Kroscen rushed to the hospital in fear of being late because his train got delayed. He shared how he cried because he thought he was not going to make it in time.


According to the head doctor of the neonatal unit, no complications were discovered during the delivery.

Kinova and Kroscen welcomed four baby boys, Deniel, Michael, Alex, and Martin, and a baby girl. They named her Tereza.

The babies and Kinova were put in intensive care afterward, but they were declared as healthy and well. Also, the babies were given 95% chance of growing up entirely healthy.

It was a historical birth for it was the first recorded birth of quintuplets in the Czech Republic.

“In our country (birth) statistics have been recorded since 1949 and there’s no mention of quintuplets. In the Czech Republic quintuplets are born on average once every 480 years,” said Doctor Alena Mechurova.