Elderly man drove almost an hour for a date. But when he arrived there, he was devastated

Apr 23, 2018
09:35 P.M.
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He experienced the same nervousness that anyone would experience on their first date.


As reported by American Web Media, a woman, Gabby, shared the heartbreaking story of her 73-year-old grandfather who was stood up by his date. He had entered the dating scene a few years after his wife passed away.

Widower Jim Moroney did not think that he would ever date anyone else after he lost his wife. It had been decades since he had courted his wife and the whole concept of dating seemed alien to him.

Without giving it a lot of thought, Moroney put up his profile on and received a potential match within a few days. The woman was close to his age and shared similar interests to Moroney.


The woman and Moroney kept texting each other for a few days and got to know each other over time. They set up a date to meet for the first time. Moroney was excited to meet her but nervous at the same time.

He pressed his shirts and trousers and donned a sweater for the highly anticipated date. He also carried a dozen red roses and chocolates for the woman.

The date was set at a location that was 45 minutes away from his residence. Throughout the journey, Moroney's heart was pounding due to the excitement. He was determined to make an unforgettable first impression on his date.

Unfortunately, that moment never came. His date did not show up. Moroney waited for almost an hour before realizing that his date stood him up. She did not even respond to his messages anymore.


He went to his granddaughter, Gabby, and told her what had happened. Gabby shared Moroney's story through her social media account and expressed her frustration and anger.

Her post gained traction and internet users shared their sympathies with Gabby's doting grandfather. Moreover, social media users shared that they were inspired by Moroney's perseverance to find true love.


One user, Apostle Sykes, said that Moroney was a wonderful man and she'd never stand him up. Another user, Veri Teri, urged Moroney to never give up as his efforts would be appreciated by numerous people.

As reported by CNN, Moroney was invited to participate in Fox's show Love Connection hosted by Andy Cohen. on the ninth episode of its first season in August 2017.