Michigan couple welcomes 14th son to the family

Apr 23, 2018
10:32 P.M.
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They were hoping to be blessed with a baby girl this time.


An article by Daily Mail reported on the unique story of Jay and Kateri Schwandt, who had been blessed with 13 boys and recently welcomed another.

The Michigan-based couple was overjoyed that their baby arrived safe and healthy, despite being born 5 days before the scheduled delivery date.

The baby boy, who was named Finley Sheboygan Schwandt by his parents, weighed 8lb 4oz at birth. The Schwandts are thrilled about the new addition, even though they hoped it would be a girl.

Jay, the proud father, admitted that he would have loved to have a baby girl, but added that it was probably not destined to happen.


He also shared that he and his wife are not likely to have any more babies and that they will spend the future enjoying their parenthood.


While couples with over ten children are seldom to be seen in this age, Kateri explained that raising a large family would not be a problem, since she herself was raised among 13 other brothers and sisters.

The family lives together in their Rockford home. The eldest of the boys is over 20 years old.

Initially, the parents decided to know the gender of the child well in advance.

However, for the last few children, the duo discontinued the practice and learned about the sex of the child only once it was born.

Jay had previously shared a picture of the entire family on social media, featuring himself and his wife in the center, surrounded by all their sons wearing matching light blue shirts.

The children belonged to different age groups, from toddlers to teenagers to young adults.

The stories of the children and the couple have been covered by local news channels on multiple occasions, and they also have considerable followership on social media.