Chevy Chase shows off 110-pound weight loss after recent secret stomach surgery

Apr 24, 2018
03:58 A.M.
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AmoMama brings you news of Chevy Chase’s weight loss which is being attributed to gastric bypass surgery. The actor, as Radar reports, is not committed to revealing the cause of his sudden weight loss.


Longtime boozer Chevy Chase has quit drinking and lost a massive amount of weight in a bid to save his life as sources say. The 6’4 star has ballooned to a massive 300ls and had to shed most of it to go back to a healthy weight as reports say. A source told Radar that the actor countered the weight with a combination of rehab and surgery.


“He went to rehab for the second time to deal with his alcoholism. The word is he also went in for gastric bypass surgery to limit the amount of food he eats. Slowly but surely the pounds melted away and he lost 110 pounds. It’s true he is looking slimmer than he has in decades. Getting sober was key.”

Dr. Stuart Fisher, who has not treated Chase said it was hard, if not impossible, to gain weight after a gastric bypass surgery, but he also notes that it does not cure past ailments. “It doesn’t erase all the previous damage that he’s done to his body. Any heart disease or circulatory problems caused by his dietary indiscretions are permanent.”

The insider added that Chase is keen to get his life back. The weight was getting in the way of his battle with the bottle, said the source, and now he can fight back. With the new weight loss, the star looks better than ever and his health is also much better. He is doing great and we hope he keeps the weight off.

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