If you ever see one of these bags hanging in a tree, immediately run away

Apr 25, 2018
05:01 A.M.
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A nature lover thought it was a plastic bag stuck in the branches of a tree. What he didn’t know was it was a nest of nasty little bugs.


In the wetlands of Mildura, somewhere in northwest Victoria, Australia, a man was walking through the area and was upset when he saw the plastic bag in the branches.

He thought someone had left their trash somewhere and the wind blew the plastic bag towards the trees.

As a nature lover, the man felt the need to get the sack and keep it until he finds a garbage can to put it in.

Although, when he got a closer look, he realized that it wasn’t a plastic bag but a grub nest hanging from the branches. Inside were hundreds or thousands of little bugs.


American Web Media suggested that the bugs are known as itchy grubs, itchy caterpillar, or professional caterpillar.

The bag is used by these insects so they can transform from grubs to moths.

Up close, the bugs have long hairs surrounding their body.

One touch would give a person a bad skin irritation and an allergic reaction.

Even though these bugs aren’t deadly, they will still make the person experience having terribly itchy skin and rashes.


The man posted the image on the internet and proclaimed that it was a spider’s web, but one person corrected him and explained that they were grubs and should be avoided.

As suggested by the publication, Australians often see these caterpillars forming “conga lines” during the wet season. They become common following several days of continuous rain.

Conga lines made by itchy grubs can reach up to 30 feet. They form a line in a tail to head manner.

According to scientists, grubs are a social critter, which is why they stick with their family groups.