Mom of 2 looks like a different person after losing 126 lb

Apr 25, 2018
01:22 A.M.
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A 30-year-old woman surprised everyone by making an unbelievable weight-loss despite being diagnosed with a horrible disease.


Karen Scales followed a strict weight-loss pact to lose over 126lbs weight following her diagnosis of sclerosis. According to Inspire More, the mother-of-two followed and stood by three simple rules to make a miraculous transformation.

In 2012, after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Scales began having the problems of pain, tingling, and coordination problems. Her doctors then suggested her to lose weight which would help to control those symptoms.

The 30-year-old, who was a victim of unhealthy eating habit, then had the extra impetus to lose her weight. Earlier, she had not even managed to lose the baby weight from her two previous pregnancies.


Although she never thought she would be able to make a huge transformation in terms of losing weight, following these three rules helped her get through:

1. She found a strong motivation

With her diagnosis of sclerosis, came the added pressure of losing her weight. She could have dropped the entire weight-loss pact after her diagnosis, but Scales turned her condition into a positive.

She understood that being overweight, in addition to having multiple sclerosis, would deteriorate her quality of living the amount of time she could spend with her children.


"It may sound crazy, but even though everything has changed beyond belief since my diagnosis, I’m actually happier," the online source quoted Scales as stating.

2. She found a strong support system

In earlier phases, she had her friends with her. But when they backed out of the weight-loss plan, she sought help from Slimming World, which teaches and promotes healthy eating habits.


3. She remained committed to the plan

She turned her focus from the multiple sclerosis diagnoses to something positive and continued to stay focus on her path of weight-loss. She never backed out.

Even on days when she was in a lot of pain, she would ask her friends and family to drive her to Slimming World meetings.

Her hard work soon paid off when during an annual check-up in July 2013, the nurse could not recognize her. Scales had lost so much weight that the nurse thought that someone else had been sent in her stead.