Single dad receives a note from strangers while on a date with his daughter

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 25, 2018
11:43 A.M.
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A single father was greatly surprised by the note that he received from a nearby couple while he was having dinner with his daughter.


It was Valentine’s Day and, as usual, restaurants were filled with couples who took that day to celebrate their love eating out. A man, however, made clear what his priorities in life were and chose not to go out with his girlfriend but with his 6-year-old daughter.

American Web Media reported that, once there, they had a wonderful time together as they talked about how their day went and pointed out how important they were to one another.

The outing was so great that the father never noticed that a couple who was at a nearby table was ‘spying’ on them.


When the father and his daughter were getting ready to pay the bill and leave the restaurant, they got a note from the ‘spy’ couple. It got a handwritten message admitting that they were impressed with ‘what a great dad’ the man was.

The strangers added that both of them grew up without their fathers and that they knew how important it was to have a male role model at such a young age. The best part of it was the final lines of the note that read ‘keep up the good work dad! Dinner is on us!’

While he was shocked and grateful for the kind gesture that couple did, he was also disappointed by the fact that they didn’t leave a name on the note, so he couldn’t thank them properly.


The father then took to Facebook to post his story and the photo of the note. He confessed that he cried at the table and thanked the ‘random strangers’ for doing so.

One of the most shocking aspects is that single mothers are the ones who often get recognition for their tirelessly hard work, but this man was chosen by that unknown couple this time.