Texas woman caught on video abandoning several dogs on a dead-end street

Apr 25, 2018
11:27 P.M.
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Against all the warnings, a woman dropped off four of her dogs in an abandoned street. It was all caught on tape.


Edith Melendez recorded a woman in Texas abandoning several dogs on a dead-end street. According to Inside Edition, she is used to seeing people leaving behind their pets in front of her home in San Antonio.

After catching the woman right in the middle of the action, Melendez even suggested her to drop off her dogs as strays at Animal Care Services. She even informed her it was absolutely free so she would have no problem.

The woman, who had already dropped three dogs out of her car, seemed positive to Melendez's advice at first. But when she began giving directions to the shelter, the woman made no attempt to pay attention.


'I’m tired of people dropping off abandoned dogs. I foster for Animal Care Services," the online source quoted frustrated Melendez as stating.

Even after being warned about the fine worth $500 per dog that she will be charged for abandoning animals, the woman did not seem to care.


While she was pulling the fourth dog out of her car, Melendez noticed that the dogs were reluctant to go and she even sensed fear in them. She realized that the dogs had no idea how to "fend for themselves."

The woman, however, shows no interest toward the possible torment that her dogs might face or toward the concerns laid forward by Melendez. She just slammed the door of her silver Honda and sped away in reverse.

She abandoned all her four dogs at the dead-end street that was full of garbage and led to an open field.

After Melendez called the rescue service, the team was able to find three of the dogs. They were taken to a local shelter and were named Sam, Max, and Milo.