'Good Doctor' fans must get ready for a few huge changes in the new season

Apr 26, 2018
04:08 A.M.
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The eager fans of the popular medical drama can expect certain changes in the much-awaited return of the show for its second season.


The Good Doctor is returning soon on ABC with its second season. The exact date of the premiere has not been made official yet, but the producers of the show have let fans in on a number of changes, as reported by Pop Sugar.

As one of the most adored television programs, the finale of the first season has left the audience with many 'lingering questions,' as per the source. Here are some of the lesser known things that one may expect from Season 2.

1. More 'twists and turns' to come Shaun's way

Executive producer Daniel Dae Kim revealed that the main character of Shaun was going to face many trials in the second season. Kim stated that his journey is "going to have a couple of twists and turns" which he finds incredibly compelling.


2. No return for one of the season regulars

Actor Chuku Modu, who played Dr. Jared Kalu, will not be returning for Season. As hinted in the season finale of the first season, Dr. Kalu seems likely to take that job offer in Colorado.

But the producers are lining up several other actors to cast as series regulars in his place.

3. More scoop on Dr. Glassman's shocking diagnosis

It was revealed during the finale of season one that Dr. Glassman has brain cancer. Going into the next season, it has been confirmed that his medical struggle will be further explored and the producers were going to follow through on his treatment.


4. Expect new things to happen at San Jose St. Bonaventure

The finale of season one ends with Shaun's surgical error which gets him as well as Glassman into trouble. As the season ended with Shaun and Glassman both walking into Dr. Marcus Andrews office, fans are worried about Glassman's future.

It was revealed that following the events, Glassman's role was going to be a lot different, with his relationship dynamics changing with changes in the hierarchy.