Mother sacrifices her life to save 4-year-old son from drowning

Apr 26, 2018
11:28 P.M.
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Her protective instincts kicked in when she saw the undertow in action. She rushed to save her son and succeeded.


As reported by Western Journal, a 33-year-old Texan woman, Brandy Mosley lost her life trying to save her 4-year-old son who got smashed by a wave at the Galveston shore on June 12, 2017.

Mosley had gone on a fun-filled beach trip with her family and friends but it took a fatal turn. Her son was playing at the edge of the beach when a wave hit him and pinned him down in the sand.

Mosley was sitting only 25 feet away from her son and saw the harsh and relentless surf disabling him to get a good footing and steady himself. 


Mosely ran towards her son and snatched him out of the water with the help of a relative. She passed him safely to the relative but when they looked back towards Mosley, she was nowhere to be seen, according to Liftable.

Major Douglas Hudson from the office of the Galveston Sherrif disclosed that they were not sure if it was an undercurrent or a riptide that got hold of Mosley.


The Coast Guard sent out its crew to search the Gulf of Mexico. They were also joined by the Crystal Beach Volunteer Fire Department and the Bolivar Police Department.

One day later, the search team found a body that matched the clothing and the marks that Mosley had. The town of Palestine, Texas, was in utter shock after the death of Mosley's news broke out.


She was the owner of B’s Hive of Therapy Day Spa & Salon. A prayer vigil was held in her honor at a local park.

The dangers of undertow and riptides can never be taken lightly. Undertows are only dangerous to children plating near the shores but a riptide can suck in average sized adults into the sea.

The natural instinct when getting caught in a riptide may be to swim towards the shore. It is best to swim parallel to the shore where the impact of the returning wave is receding.