Disabled customer struggled to eat, then fast-food worker spots him and jumps into action

Apr 27, 2018
12:39 A.M.
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A restaurant worker shows an amazing gesture of kindness toward a helpless customer.


When Laurinha Victoria was shopping in a mall in Salvadore, Brazil, she passed through a North Mall food court, where a young man asked her if she could help him get his food to the table.

According to NTD, Victoria noticed that the man had some kind of disability and he could not move his arms and one of his legs properly.

But Victoria was not the only person, who had noticed the request from the young man. One of the employees behind the counter at Giraffas restaurant left his spot to carry the meal across the food court to the young man.

He not only brought the food to the man but then did something that absolutely shocked Victoria.


He sat down beside the man and began to hand-fed the disabled customer, bite by bite. He did not rush it through and took time to make sure that the customer could chew and swallow properly.

Victoria was so moved by this that she took to Facebook to post about the incident. She wrote on her social media feed, 'That's real charity, what a beautiful thing."

She also posted that she, later on, approached the restaurant employee and complimented him on his kind gesture. She told him that he had shown a real "beautiful gesture."

The emotional video has been well received by people all over the world. The video has been shared more than 375,000 times causing more and more people to watch it and take great inspiration from the kindness of one common man.

The post has also seen floods of comments with people calling the employee who volunteered to help as 'rich in wisdom.' People have also been saying that the employee's act was what charity truly meant and the world needed more people like him.