Woman pierces tiny baby girl's ears. But suddenly she screams in pain

Apr 27, 2018
07:14 A.M.
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The video opened the floodgates as people started debating about the morality of a seemingly innocent act.


As reported by Shared, a video of a mother taking her four-month-old girl, Riley, to get her ears pierced went viral after it was posted online. The video got traction in no time and was bombarded with polarizing comments.

The video created a huge outrage online as the little girl is seen screaming in pain after her earlobes were pierced with a sophisticated machine.

The unsuspecting baby looked curious with the numerous people around her trying to touch her ears for marking a point on each of her earlobes for piercing.

Riley was distracted by the technicians hovering around her and did not seem cooperative for obvious reasons.


The technicians were patient with Riley and let her feel comfortable with all the new people around her. After the technicians successfully marked the points on her earlobes, the took the piercing machines close to her ears.


The 4-month-old was naturally clueless about the procedure but Riley's mom positioned her by placing her palm on her forehead. This may have calmed her down for a bit as Riley was seen stationary in the position.

The technicians simultaneously put the machines in position and pressed the button that would result in the piercing. The piercing did not take any time but Riley could not control the pain.

She immediately started to cry and could not stop her tears. Her mother tried to console her and spoke with her to calm her down. Riley simply placed her head on her mother's chest until the pain subsided.


Her mother was seen smiling and kept consoling her daughter as the procedure was over.

After her video went viral, Riley's mother explained that she chose to pierce her ears at this age so that she does not experience the pain when she is older, according to the Huffington Post.

She understood when people disagreed with her decision to pierce Riley's ears especially since she cannot give her consent at this age. According to her, in such cases, she has the right to decide as a parent.