Dog with a broken leg leads vets two miles to her puppies

Apr 27, 2018
09:50 A.M.
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She could not have reached back to her puppies with a broken foot. The vets helped her find them.


As reported by Glad Wire, a vet, Ellen Sobry, helped a wounded greyhound and followed her to find her newborn puppies in order to rescue them.

The stray dog was found by psychologist Lianne Powell in the market. It was limping as its front leg was broken. Powell noticed that the dog was wandering in the marketplace and immediately took it to the Sobry.

Sobry noticed that the dog was two to three years old. She was producing milk. It implied that she had recently delivered puppies. Sobry and Powell were anxious to know where the puppies were.

After putting a name tag on her named 'Vera' along with a leash and cast on its foot, the duo followed it hoping it'd lead them to the puppies.


Powell mentioned that the dog was limping and dragging her cast and led the two through the main roads and the muddy tracks.


After following the dog for over three kilometers, the duo found the newborn puppies in the backseat of an old car. 


Sobry mentioned that the winter season is not a good one for the breed as many owners abandon their dogs since it was the off-season. People buy new dogs when the hunting season begins.

This effectively increases the number of abandoned dogs to increase in the locality. These dogs, that are still useful to humans, are forced to live on the street thus increasing the stray population in the locality.

Vera and her pups are still taken care of in the shelter provided by Sobry. She is working hard to find homes for the dogs who can take proper care of them.

Currently, Sobry is only concerned if Vera and the puppies are fed well and are sleeping well.