Boy is dead after doctors misdiagnosed him. Parents need to know what symptoms to look for

Apr 27, 2018
10:50 A.M.
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Marquel Brumley died at the age of 13 after his doctors misdiagnosed him. His family is now trying to raise awareness about these cases.


The teenage boy died on March 11 from complications of a sinus infection after he was diagnosed with a viral infection.

According to Daily Mail, the teen from Flint, Michigan started experiencing migraines that sent him to the emergency room multiple times, but the diagnose never changed.

An MRI scan was conducted on March 5 after his migraines worsened to the point that he lost muscle movement on the left side of his body and his face swollen.

They discovered he was suffering from a sinus infection that traveled to his brain, creating blood clots that left his brain dead, which is considered clinically dead in Michigan.


When Brumley’s mother took him to urgent care about a month ago, doctors prescribed over-the-counter drugs to treat his viral cold.

After his mother took him to the ER on several occasions, doctors assured her that it was migraines and tension headaches, advising her to continue administering over-the-counter pain medications.

On one of those visits, a neurosurgeon attempted to remove the infection surrounding his brain and sinuses, but between the clots and infection, his brain couldn't take that much swelling and pressure.

According to Shared, the family is currently working to spread the word and bring awareness to his situation in order to ensure no more children die because of medical error.


“Marquel Brumley was a good boy, played football, straight-A student, a trumpet player in the band, not trendy at all, loved to help people and his daily goal was to make everyone smile and laugh," his mother said.

Brumley's aunt, Nicole Alexander. also said that it's important to let everyone know that this happened, claiming that parents should know the signs and symptoms to look for in order to push if the doctors take it too lightly.

"My nephew became an organ donor, he saved seven lives, and we are proud of that. We are so glad seven families don’t have to experience our loss and heartache, but in his death, his story has gone so viral that I hope instead of 7 lives, we can save many more through an awareness that people didn’t know about," she added.