Young woman gave birth only 30 minutes after finding out she is pregnant

Apr 27, 2018
08:34 P.M.
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She had no idea that she was carrying a child. Imagine her surprise when she only found out that she was expecting thirty minutes before giving birth.


Ally Opfer, 22, suffered bad stomach pains and took a pregnancy test to check if she was pregnant. The test came back negative.

She eventually went to the hospital when the cramping became worse and the doctor felt a hard lump on one side of her stomach. He had suspected that they were probably kidney stones.

To make sure, she had to have an ultrasound. During the scan, the ultrasound tech found no kidney stones but saw a large mass.

She expressed her concern but Opfer was positive she was not pregnant. The tech knew that it wasn’t true but she wasn’t allowed to say anything and just kept quiet.


The doctors had to run more tests for confirmation since everyone but Opfer was suspecting that she was indeed pregnant.

To her surprise, the doctors revealed that she was already 38 weeks pregnant and the cramping she was feeling was actually her having contractions.


What made her believe that she was not expecting was that her stomach was very flat during her entire pregnancy.

Talking to Inside Edition, she said, "I felt fine, I never started showing, everything was normal. It could be because the way I was carrying or the way my son was in my stomach. I’m not really sure why I didn’t show."


In addition, Opfer always had irregular periods and regarded not having her monthly menstruation as something normal.

When it sank into her that she was having a baby, she started crying. Looking back at it now, she said she has no regrets.

She named her baby boy Oliver and she gushed that her son is her best friend.

She said, “Our connection is so strong. He is always following me around the house. We are always playing together when I am home."