Disfigured veteran has the sweetest conversation with a little girl. Her answers are so wise

Apr 27, 2018
09:53 P.M.
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She also made a confession about one of her deepest fears.


The Help For Heroes Initiative released snippets from a candid conversation between a war veteran named Simon Brown and a 5-year-old volunteer named Temperance Pattison, as reported by Uplifting Today.

Brown, who has served in the Army for 13 years, suffered a major injury on a rescue mission in Iraq in 2006. He heroically rescued a few trapped fellow soldiers before a sniper shot a bullet through his face.

He managed to survive the attack and made it home alive. He underwent multiple surgeries in order to mend the damage done to his face.

With the help of over 25 surgical procedures, experts were able to rebuild Brown’s jaws, nose, and cheekbones.


Unfortunately, owing to the proximity of the shot to his eyes, he was left partially blind. The alterations made to his face in addition to the prosthetic eye changed Brown’s appearance drastically.

When he was asked to meet with Pattison, he was worried his face would scare off the 5-year-old.


However, when the duo met, it turned out to be a wonderful conversation about heroism, fears and serving the country.

Pattison spoke about her admiration for veterans, and how participating in triathlons and other events was her way of giving back to them by helping to raise funds.

The girl was inquisitive about Brown’s injury, especially the type of weapon that was used.

She also confessed that though she boldly participated in races and charity programs, she was terrified of riding the bike.


Brown shared a lot of details about his struggles without inhibition, while Pattison heard carefully and responded with kind and respectful words.

When she told Brown that she was very proud of the veterans, the war hero was quick to reciprocate the feeling, stating that the community of veterans was proud of her and her work.

After confessing that they were each other’s heroes, the pleasant chat ended with a friendly fist bump and a million-dollar smile.